Here's some music videos I've worked on

Here's some music videos I've worked on

I've made a lot of music and collaborated with a number of cool artists. Here's some of the stuff we've made together.


Throughout my years I've made a lot of stuff, livestreams, commericals, and a few music videos. I thought I'd post them up here and take a moment to revel in my own accomplishments. Hopefully, y'all dig what I'm putting down. And definitely feel free to share your own work in the comments!

Apple Pie Hopes - Midnight Booty

This is the first music vid I ever worked on. It was before I had even started working on things behind the scenes as well, so to speak. Apple Pie Hopes was such a fun thing to be a part of and probably the most popular group I've ever played in. We hit the San Francisco music scene right as that Folksy Americana stuff started really taking off and boy-oh-boy were we a hit! We made enough money to rent out the Balclutha to film this vid. I remember recording the intro/outro music in my tiny studio apartment. We had to stop because my upstairs neighbor started pounding on the roof. Good times all around. 

Cartoon Violence - Data, Input

Robots humping shit all over SF! That's what this video is and it's amazing! This was actually produced and directed by my buddy Jesse Dana who had done cinematography for a ton of music vids, including one for my beloved Primus. Me and my bandmate have known Jesse since we were kids and when he came to us with his concept we were all about it! That's actually me in the main robot costume. It was a giant pain to get on and off that Muni train, but nothing was harder than walking all over the Sutro Baths. We were also up all night before the shoot making them robo costumes because our costumer dropped the ball and waited until the last minute. I love this vid so much and I wish more people had seen it because it's so damned polished. You should really go check out Cartoon Violence, it's basically my main band.

Doctor Popular - Moebius Strip Tease

This was my directorial debut, so to speak. I storyboarded the whole song second-by-second, did a bunch of location scouting ahead of the shoot, helped make the props. My shoes even show up at the end of the vid. All of this was done with budget of zero dollars. Shout-outs to my homie Gabe who did all the filming and editing and Mike who did all the pixel/game art. This came out way better than I could've hoped for and more or less matched my vision, which is always nice. I also collabbed with Doc Pop on a couple of quarantine-themed songs last year. Which brings me to my next video...

Doc Pop, Alice Knows Karate & Professor Robot -Quarantine Diet

I didn't do a damn thing on this vid. It was made by a fella named Joey Yee, who actually does a lot of great documentaries on Bay Area culture. I've never met Joey or had a real conversation with him, but he was kind enough to put this vid together for this little ditty I did with Doc Pop and my homegirl Alice Knows Karate (She'll be on this weekend's Stimulus Games too!). This is probably the least effort I've ever had to make on both making a song and a vid as I only provided one verse and sang on the chorus that AKK wrote and Doc made the beat. Speaking of minimal effort on my behalf, here's a GNARBOOTS video. 


We are all GNARBOOTS and GNARBOOTS is forever! That's all you need to know about them. I'm the fat clown, but you all probably already knew this. Not sure if I'm smaller or bigger now...



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