The music of Mega Man 9

The music of Mega Man 9

Here are some of my favorite Mega Man 9 tunes!


For those Shackers who haven't been checking out that great show, the Stevetendo show, on our Twitch page, I have been playing Mega Man games every Monday until I get tthrough all the main games. We just got done playing Mega Man 9 this week and it has some of the best music in the series. It also has the first female robot master, Splash Woman. However, the final Dr. Wily boss is a huge pain to deal with so stock up on E-Tanks. There's also the little notion that Mega Man can't slide in Mega Man 9, something they fixed in Mega Man 10 but...

That being said here are some of my favorite Mega Man 9 tunes, enjoy!

The Dr. Wily fight in Mega Man 9 is not a very good final boss fight. I just wanted to make that clear if you couldn't tell!

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