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YTSYSCO - The Corridor Crew

YTSYSCO - The Corridor Crew

More YouTube for all you YouTube lovers out there.

Joshua Hawkins

Good afternoon and welcome to yet another exciting episode YouTube Shit You Should Check Out—or YTSYSCO for short. This is the first OFFICIAL installment in our escapade to find cool shit on YouTube, so I hope you enjoy the offering below, and of course, feel free to share any channels or creators you recommend, too. 

Now, onward we go!

While I often find myself binging television shows and movies on Netflix and other streaming services, I spend a lot more time browsing YouTube and watching a variety of YouTube content. So, I decided I’d share another favorite content of mine—Stuntmen React to Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts by Corridor Crew.

I stumbled upon the Corridor Crew's channel early last year, when going through one of my many YouTube binge sessions. My YouTube recommendations—much like my Spotify recommendations—are an absolute mess because of the variety of content that I often consume on the website. Still, Corridor Crew is one of those channels I can often count on for good, enjoyable content that appeals to me when I’m looking for something to just binge or play in the background, so I'm happy it popped up one day.

Over the weekend, I was going through some of the recent uploads, and came across yet another fun Stuntmen React to Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts that featured some pretty cool stuff from The Mandalorian Season 2. You can check it out below. Warning, there are some spoilers for episodes later in the season. (There's an age gate for whatever reason, so you can just click on the video or right here to check it out.)

If you enjoy that video, I also recommend checking out the latestepisode of Stuntmen React, which I’ve included below. 

I really enjoy how the crew breaks things down and also how they bring on various guests to help bring a different style to each episode.

Another fun series on the Corridor Crew’s channel is VFX Artists React. They usually breakdown many of the shots that they’re looking over and even talk about ways that they would have tried to make them look better if they weren’t really that good. It’s another really cool series and I’ll embed one of my favorite episodes of that below.

If you’re a fan of stuff like that, I highly recommend checking it out. They can be a little over the top sometimes, but it is pretty solid YouTube content that gives a bit of a different perspective on the world of film and television.

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