Greg's Confessions of Childhood - Living through the start of Pokemon

Gotta Catch'em all!


It is one of most popular IPs in the world, but I remember seeing this odd show at 7am in the morning about 30min before i had to go to school. I saw the TV show first, then got the Gameboy game, then went balls out on the TCG, (which I later gave all the 1st edition cards away, ouch). But it's really cool to be able to say you got to see this craze unfold, while so many kids now are growing up with it already being popular, i got to see it first hand and watch evolution of it. I still have my OG Gameboy and Pokemon RED cartridge.


I know a lot of our members are older them me. I remember being on the cusp of being "too old" to enjoy it. I was literally picked on at school for playing the Gameboy game during lunch and breaks. What was it like for you folks to see this craze unfold?

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