Standup Comedy

Standup Comedy

I am a longtime insomniac. I suffer through it with standup comedy. My pain is your gain.


Hi! My name is dognose, and I am an insomniac. Rather than lying awake through countless nights of deafening silence, I rip the audio from YouTube videos and burn it to CDs that I then play, as needed, on a little CD player next to my bed. Sometimes the comedians are boring, and that helps put me to sleep. But sometimes I take notice and stay awake long enough to discover awesome.

What you are about to see, I have never seen. But I have heard it, and am compelled to share it with you.



Plaid shirt, baseball cap, single camera. Gotta suck, right? NO. I couldn't sleep because I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING. Okay with me. 44 minutes.



Fans of Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg might appreciate this one. Yes, I get it, the delivery sucks and the voice is annoying. But if this was transcribed, and you read it in print, you would LOVE it. And so do I. 20 minutes.




And finally, a short, tasty morsel for you potheads out there. I call it Purina Stoner Chow. Baron Vaughn is nuTom Servo on nuMST3K, and as you know he does an excellent job filling the shoes of an iconic role. So given that I had seen Hampton Yount (the voice of nuCrow) live, and he KILLED, I decided to check Baron's comedy out. It is all good, but this one piece stood out among the rest, for being a head trip when I was most receptive to one. Headphones would be good here. Enjoy. 10 minutes.

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