What to watch: The Owl House

What to watch: The Owl House

You're probably looking for something to watch this week or this weekend. Here's a recommendation for Disney+ users.


There's a lot to watch on TV and streaming services. And I mean, there's a lot to watch. It's hard to navigate it all and lord knows I'm not about to tell you what to watch. But what I can tell you is that I know what I like and I've come to enjoy some of the shows that have come to Disney+. That brings me to...

The Owl House - Disney+

The Owl House has been airing on The Disney Channel. If you didn't know it was on Disney+, that's because the first season showed up the same day as Season 2 of The Mandalorian. So yeah, that timing probably wasn't ideal. You know what is ideal? This show from Gravity Falls animator Dana Terrace, which follows a human named Luz who stumbles into the magical realm of the Boiling Isle. It's very Adventure Time-ish in its setting, but I can't deny the beautiful animation, the freaky creature designs, the wacky humor, and the memorable characters.

Basically, here's who you need to know:

  • Luz: The human character who gets sent off to camp, but ends up in the realm of the Boiling Isle instead. She's one of those characters who loves fantasy stories and magic, so of course it's her dream come true. Instead of going home, she asks to learn magic from Eda the Owl Lady.
  • Eda the Owl Lady: A renegade witch afflicted with a terrible curse. Emperor Belos runs the Boiling Isle and demands order, but Eda basically lives her life on her own terms. She goes about her daily routiune on the run from the Emperor and reluctantly takes on Luz as her apprentice.
  • King: The self-proclaimed King of Demons, he's who you're going to want a plushie of in the future. He's voiced by Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch and has all the impeccably timed humor and quips that you'd expect from an Alex Hirsch character. King's whole deal is that he believes himself to be a ferocious demon, but everyone dismisses him because he's so damn adorable. He hates that! He's the best character on the show without question.

The storylines revolve around Luz trying to learn magic, Luz attending school at Hexside, Eda learning the truth about her terrible curse, and Emperor Belos' efforts to instill order on the Boiling Isle. The other thing about The Owl House is, it's surprisingly progressive for a kids show. It's really not everyday that you see a genuine same-sex romance, but Luz's classmate Amity undergoes a gradual character change from a cliched mean girl to someone love-struck by the new girl. The way it's handled is honestly heartwarming and is the kind of thing to show to any LGBTQ kid who's having troubles with adolescent romance.

Season 2 is coming soon and it should be an exciting one to follow, even as Disney is taking a hatchet to many of its animated shows. Knowing this company, The Owl House's second season may be its last, but hey, Gravity Falls got two seasons and it's one of my favorite shows of all-time. So yes, I'll be watching it along with anyone else who may be interested in taking this ride.

Watch Season 1 of The Owl House now on Disney+.

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