Lorcana Maker Ravensburger Suffers DDoS During Pre-Orders

Lorcana Maker Ravensburger Suffers DDoS During Pre-Orders

Rise of the Floodborn pre-orders could've gone smoother



Lorcana is the newest trading Disney themed card game to hit shelves within the last decade. Popular due to the limited amount that was shipped, coupled with the fun Disney aesthetic and good game mechanics, it has exploded in popularity in the last few months. Not to mention the Slabbers (people who buy TCG sets with the sole purpose of grading and selling) who have been chasing the super rare 'enchanted' cards worth hundreds of dollars by themselves.

Source: TCGplayer.com

While the newest set of Lorcana, dubbed “Rise of the Floodborn,” hit local gaming stores early as part of a pre-release to help out the local gaming store scene, official pre-orders for the next set started on 11/20 at 6 am PT on Ravensburger’s website.

The game maker had a queuing system in place to avoid site crashes. I, for one, waited in their virtual queue for 45 minutes before receiving an “error code” and was forced to refresh, which in turn put me back in the queue again, now at 55 minutes. While most people were seeing 25,000 or more customers waiting, some were getting errors or kicked off the site completely and forced to re-queue. Well, Ravensburger officially released a statement that they were hit with a DDoS attack during today’s pre-order, which makes more sense given the abnormally long queue times to pre-order cards.

Source: Greg Burke's Que Time via Phone

Ravensburger’s statement was released with an apology. However, there’s no word on people who were able to place an order but have not received confirmation, via sources on Reddit & The Lorcana Facebook group. It’s hard not to be disappointed by this outcome, but I don’t blame Ravensburger at all. If a group or individual decides to DDoS your site, there’s really nothing they could have done. I've seen this from concert ticket sales, to San Diego Comic-Con, to video game companies (who have some of the most up-to-date security and software services) getting DDoS attacked. Those people are just awful. Hopefully, Ravensburger learned a lot, and moving forward, they will have a better prevention method to avoid this happening again. For more Lorcana news, be sure to keep it here at Shacknews.com

Source: https://ravensburger.com


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