Ghostbuster Fans Have Found Those Red Jackets Seen In The 'Frozen Empire' Trailer

Ghostbuster Fans Have Found Those Red Jackets Seen In The 'Frozen Empire' Trailer

" I had no idea it'd be so much, I won't pay it."


What a time to be a Ghostbusters fan! Sony Pictures dropped a brand new trailer, and with it came the official next title: "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire." Alongside this announcement was a new story, characters, and, most importantly, brand new gear!


Fans of the iconic franchise lost their minds (myself included) over the new red winter jackets sporting a brand new black and white 'no ghost' patch showcased at the very end of the trailer. Ghostbusters experts immediately took to the internet to find these jackets. It was a Facebook user in a group called 'Haslad Ghostbusters Modders' who discovered the origin of the amazing red jackets.

The red jackets are from a company called Wuxly, and the jacket is called the Sabertooth II Parka Red. They are currently for sale for a whopping $1,795.00 USD! Making them by far likely one of the if not the most expensive parts of the new Ghostbusting arsenal. The jacket is complemented in the trailer by, of course, a last name patch, as well as a brand new larger version of the 'No Ghost' logo, which is now in black and white and already available through Etsy for those excited to get a head start on Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire cosplay.

While I'd love a jacket for cosplay, I live in California, where it's 80+ degrees 9 months of the year. But if you're lucky enough to have cold weather year-round and the cash to burn, you can pick up the patch here and the jacket here. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire releases in spring 2024, and we can't wait to bring you more info as Ghost Corps ramps up their marketing campaign. For more Ghostbusters news, be sure to keep it here at

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