Kumail Nanjiani Confirms 'The Real Ghostbusters' Influence on Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Kumail Nanjiani Confirms 'The Real Ghostbusters' Influence on Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

"The filmmakers wanted to make a long episode of the animated series. So if you love that show as I do, be excited."


With the new teaser trailer release for the upcoming Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, fans are buzzing about new film's characters, gear, and story. However, today, actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani went to Twitter with some new information that will have fans of 'The Real Ghostbusters' animated series absolutely ecstatic.

On Twitter, the actor tweeted:



This is a huge deal as the first two seasons of the 1980s animated show were some of the best kids' programming to date, giving serious stories and even tugging at the heartstrings of Ghostbuster fans. It had some of the most epic music in television history as well. What makes the cartoon extra unique is how the 1984 live-action movie played a role in the show. The movie was meant to be a retelling of the events that had actually happened in 'The Real Ghostbusters' universe, which is pretty rad.


If the filmmakers are indeed inspired by what is, in my opinion, one of the best cartoons of all time, I can't wait to see how the writing and story pan out. The cartoon introduced us to some of the most iconic ghosts in the Ghostbusters universe, such as Samhain, the Boogieman, and others, and they were told in such an adult way that the cartoon still holds up over 30 years later. If you've never seen the cartoon, the official Ghostbusters YouTube has a collection of full episodes available. I've left one of my favorites embedded below.


I can't wait to see Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, which releases sometime in spring 2024. For more Ghostbusters news, be sure to keep it here at Shacknews.com.


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