VGM Covers Volume 1

VGM Covers Volume 1

I've been a fan of great video game music for decades now and thought, I should highlight some folks for others who might like the same.  Today's introduces the world to a newer Youtuber, EndOfTheSeaVGM.

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It's the Music Mannnnnn

More than any other art source video game music seems to hit home with me and take me to very specific times, places, and feelings within.  From Nintendo's catchy tunes, to Capcom's rock anthems, to Square's Operatic evocations, great video game music has a direct line to my soul.

It was EndOfTheSeaVGM's rendition of "Home Sweet Home (Pollyanna)" that inspired me to make this post and, hopefully, more like it in the future.  I generally tend to listen to orchestral or metal covers of classic video game music while I'm working.  This song though, it takes me straight to my parent's family room in 1995.  I've never actually been homesick, but somehow this song makes me feel that way anyways as its smooth and gentle melody plucks away and just barely hits the progressions needed to invoke the tiniest of sorrows.

Additional Highlights

EndOfTheSeaVGM's other renditions of classic Nintendo console fair so far (the channel's first video is from 3 months ago) also generally hits at those somber, sorrowful, and sometimes creepy notes, like the "Forest Temple" theme from Occarina of Time.

Or the quiet and cozy etherealness of Super Mario Galaxy's "To the Gateway"

And the puzzling nostalgia of Paper Mario's "Dry Dry Desert" track.

EndOfTheSeaVGM is an artist I know I'll continue to watch as their channel grows.  I hope to hear a lot more from them soon.

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