Christopher Landon directing Scream 7!

Christopher Landon directing Scream 7!

I dig the move, but there’s a lot to unpack here.


This morning, Bloody Disgusting reported that Christopher Landon was in talks to direct Scream 7, taking over for duo Radio Silence (Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin), who directed both Scream 2022 (aka Scream 5) as well as this year’s Scream VI. That report was later corroborated by The Hollywood Reporter, which claimed Landon directing the next Scream movie was all but a done deal. Finally, Landon himself confirmed the news in a tweet. I’m cautiously optimistic, and my obsession with this franchise means I need to write a whole opinion piece about it.

I’m not surprised that Radio Silence won’t be back to direct Scream 7. They just did two of these movies back-to-back, and are currently preoccupied with a n original Universal monsters movie and a rumored remake of Escape From New York. In a perfect world, they’d take time away to do some other stuff, and then maybe return to helm a Scream 7 four years down the line, but alas, that’s not how Hollywood works! I’m excited to see them do some new stuff.

As for Christopher Landon, I think the dude is a really solid pick to do Scream 7 and close out this trilogy. He made the Happy Death Day movies and Freaky, which are awesome meta slashers with a lot of Scream in their DNA. He was also the secret MVP of the Paranormal Activity movies, co-writing most of them and directing the best of the series (The Marked Ones). I genuinely believe that he could make a really fun Scream movie.Christopher Landon sitting in a chair.

The THR report also states that while no contracts for the actors are currently in place, the main cast is expected to sign deals to return for Scream 7 once the SAG-AFTRA strike ends. I certainly hope this is the case! Jenna Ortega is incredibly busy these days, and the article points her out as one to watch. I’d be devastated if she wasn’t back to close out this story in 7.

It’s a bitter twist of irony that this news broke on what would have been Wes Craven’s 84th birthday. Rest in peace to the legend, and here’s hoping Landon can do him justice in Scream 7!

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