What do Ghost Stats mean in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed?

What do Ghost Stats mean in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed?

Each Ghost type has a variety of stats, but what do they do?


If you’re like me, you’re enjoying IllFonic’s asymmetrical goodness that is Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. By now you’ve probably noticed that the different Ghost types have 5 core stats: Movement, Energy, Possession, Haunting, & Fear. If you’re familiar with the game some of these stats are pretty straight forward, like movement, but others are a tad harder to understand. So let’s break down what each stats means and how it relates to the Ghost’s gameplay. 


This is the simplest one to understand. Movement is tied to how fast your Ghost’s sprints and floats around. Your movement stat here is only for when not inside an object. This is your Ghost overall speed while out and about. Ghouly is the fastest Ghost type in case anyone was curious.  


This stat refers to the amount of energy the Ghost has at its disposal as well as overall energy regen, inside and outside of objects. The higher this stat the more the ghost can haunt, scare, and sprint before running out the energy bar to 0. The Poltergeist type currently has the best energy stat.    


This is a weird one. This stat determines how fast you move while in a possessed object and how much health an object has while you are inside it as the Ghost. Don’t get confused, objects in the game do all move at different speeds, but the higher this stat, the better heath and speed possessed objects will have. Currently, the Poltergeist type has the best Possession stat.  


This higher this stat the longer your haunted object stays haunted, float around & increases the signal for false positives for the Ghostbusters PKE in regards to your haunted objects, but wait there’s more! It also helps increase your passive room haunt percentage. Currently the Poltergeist type has the best haunting stat.    


Fear is another interesting one. This stat determines how easily it is to fully scare civilians. Once a civilian is fully scared, they’ll run out of the building, knocking down any Ghostbusters in their path and adding 5% to the overall building haunt meter. Ghouly has the best fear out of all the Ghost types. All of this is directly from the game’s Design Director, Jordan, at IllFonic. Who’s been wonderfully transparent on twitter helping me figure out this guide, and now you know! And knowing is half the battle! Still on the fence about picking up Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed? Check out our video review below. For more tips & tricks, keep it here on Shacknews.com.

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