The Chinese version of the Three-Body Problem TV series has been released

The Chinese version of the Three-Body Problem TV series has been released

Perfect for those who are eagerly awaiting the Netflix version and want more Three-Body in your life.


It took me three attempts to get through the opening chapters of the Three-Body Problem. I struggled with understanding the significance of the Cultural Revolution that the novel was depicting and how it related to the overall themes and plot in the book. However, once I was able to pierce the veil, I swiftly fell in love with the story. I devoured the novel, then its sequel, and then the final in the trilogy. I even picked up the fan-written fourth book for more.

When I learned that Netflix was making an adaptation, I was thrilled. Even more so when I learned that David Benioff and D. B. Weiss were involved. Say whatever you want about the final season of Game of Thrones, but the entire show was incredible. It was a cultural moment, a zeitgeist that captured the attention of everyone. The early seasons followed the books, and considering all three books in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past have been written, they don’t need to go off on their own script.

But it’s not just Netflix that is working on a TV series adaptation, Tencent Video and CCTV have developed a 30-part series. It’s streaming in the US on Rakuten Viki but it’s also apparently on YouTube.

If you, like me, want more Three-Body Problem while we wait for Netflix, you should check it out.

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    February 15, 2023 11:14 PM

    Ever since reading the Three-Body Problem and its two sequels, I’ve been hanging out for a TV or a movie adaptation. It just so happens that one is in the works for Netflix, but there is also a Chinese version that has been made!

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      February 16, 2023 6:24 AM

      I am holding no hope they will be able hold a candle to the books. So I will go in with VERY low expectations.

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        February 16, 2023 7:11 AM

        i think they could be considerably better. the real hook of the books (imo) is just the idea that announcing our presence in space puts us at risk, and not so much the characters (none of whom i can name) or the surrounding drama. i think it adapts well if you ignore everything but the premise (and maybe the cool tech) and do your own thing.

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          February 16, 2023 7:19 AM

          Im really interested to see how they do the sophons.

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      February 16, 2023 8:15 AM

      the netflix one is by the game of thrones show runners. It's finished filming for awhile now. I'm surprised there has not been a full trailer yet

    • rms legacy 10 years legacy 20 years mercury super mega
      February 16, 2023 8:48 AM

      Season1 is 30 episodes, 40+min each?! I expect the Netflix version to be massively abridged, but this one seems fairly faithful to the text at least.
      Here's the NYT review of it

      A lot of Liu’s dialogue seems to have been moved straight from book to screen (though questions of translation, in both media, make it hard to be sure). Through 20 episodes, most of the major plot points arrive at about the same places they did in the book. For Liu’s hard-core fans, that may be all that matters. For a general audience, the show’s similarities to the book may be more problematic.

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      February 16, 2023 9:37 AM

      I'd been hoping that the books' adaptation would be animated since it's rare to have non-cheesy far-future sci-fi shows. (I still love cheesy sci-fi, that's just not the tone of the books at all.)

      But I'm hopeful they'll attain The Expanse level of gritty realism and not the cringe garbage of Altered Carbon. Will definitely watch both the Chinese and Netflix versions either way!

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