5 completely reckless tips for Hitman: Freelancer

5 completely reckless tips for Hitman: Freelancer

Not sure how many of these will help you, but here are some reckless tips for Hitman: Freelancer that should be memorable if they aren't effective.


I’ve been playing a lot of Hitman: Freelancer, and feel like I’m finally getting the hang of things. Completed my first campaign, and feel pretty good about how most of my Showdowns are going. Today, I want to give you some tips that you should take with a grain of salt. They’re fun and chaotic, but they could cause you fail.

5 - Play the stock market

When you hit 16 on the Mastery track for Hitman: Freelancer, you unlock the vault in 47’s safehouse. Head inside and play the stock market. Best anyone can tell at this point it’s totally random, so you might end up with double your Merces, or you might go completely broke.

4 - Throw rubber ducks

I never used to bring explosives when I played through the Hitman: World of Assassination story, but bombs are on the menu in Freelancer. One of the best ways to take out your targets in public settings is with one of the rubber duck bombs you can get in your Freelancer Tools. Toss one, run towards the exit, and detonate it.

3 - Snipe ‘em all

One of the more bold tactics for completing a Showdown is to bring a sniper rifle and just start shooting near the suspects. At some point, the actual leader will reveal themselves and start running for the exit. Pop ‘em and head back to the safehouse so 47 can do what he truly loves, fishing.

2 - Suppliers are on your side

This is probably the most functional tip I can give you, but Suppliers don’t care one bit about what you do in their presence. Shoot targets, blow them up, throw an axe, or drag bodies. It’s all good. Suppliers will turn a blind eye, so you can do whatever you want in their field of view and they won’t rat you out. That’s loyalty.

1 - Bring a banana

You can grab a banana from 47’s safehouse when you unlock the kitchen upstairs at Mastery 6. That banana can be placed on the ground and anyone who walks over it will slip, KO themselves, and drop whatever they’re carrying. This is a great way to get Merces from Couriers, or a suppressed pistol from assassins. You’re welcome.

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