Keke Palmer Killed It on Saturday Night Live!

Keke Palmer Killed It on Saturday Night Live!

Keke is dope and I'm glad she's getting her flowers and SNL was a great showcase for her talents!


Keke is extremely talented and has been making several moves this year. After a memorable performance in NOPE, she also launched KeyTV, a digital platform 'spotlighting a new generation of creators'.

She hosted SNL last Saturday and it made me wish we had a new sketch comedy show or something like the old MadTV days. I'd love to see her leading a new sitcom because she clearly has the comedic range. 

I felt like even her approach to the opening monologue was fresh and it seemed like her being herself which was pretty damn enjoyable.

Take a look at the Kenan & Kelly sketch below.

Didn't think we'd get orange soda praise on the show and definitely not a Kenan & Kel reunion so it feels good to let the nostalgia flow in a sketch moment like this I was laughing out loud as things started to go off the rails.

I also have to show some love to Kenan Thompson because he is really the glue to holds alot of SNL moments together. It also shows how key he has been to the show over the years. I haven't gotten the chance to check out his sitcom so I'm not sure if it's getting praise or even getting picked up for additional seasons but I just wanted to point out how impressive it is to be involved with a comedy act that sees people come and go all the time. 

Congrats to Keke on her new pregnancy which had Twitter and the internet blowing up the other night as well. After the year that plenty of us have had, it's nice to see folks show joy and actually celebrate their wins. And in this case, celebrating new life is just as big. Cheers!

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