Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – 13 Tips For New Ghost Players

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – 13 Tips For New Ghost Players

Having problems as the Ghost? These tips should help beginner players be scarier & more deadly! Hauntin’ makes you feel good!


If you’re like me you’ve been enjoying Bustin’ ghost in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. If your also like me, you’ve probably struggled playing as a pesky poltergeist. Playing as the Ghost is hard, so I’ve compiled a list of 13 tips for you spooky Ghost mains out there! Enjoy!

13. Always keep an eye on your Ectoplasm energy levels!

This seems like a no brainer, but for new players it can be bad news when you rush to engage a Ghostbuster only to have 0 energy. Remember to always keep an eye on your Ectoplasm energy levels, so you’re well prepared for a thrown down if the Busters want to get up close and personal.

12. Standing still while possessing an object refills you Ectoplasm energy even faster!

While just floating around as a Ghost will fill your Ectoplasm energy level up, possessing objects will do it quicker! If you remain stationary while in an object it will refill your Ectoplasm energy twice normal speed! Now that’s a big Twinkie!

11. Sprinting into Civilians or Ghostbusters causes slime and scare damage.

You’re a Ghost after all! Feel free to pull an Slimer move on the Ghostbusters! While sprinting you can pass through players and Civilians! Civilians will get scared; Ghostbusters will take slime damage & have their vison obscured. Make those Busters feel funky!   

10. Sprinting is your biggest Ectoplasm energy drainer.

While everything you do cost Ectoplasm energy, sprinting is the biggest offender. Try to only sprint when you’re spotted or if you need a quick escape. Be wary of sprinting to engage a Ghostbuster! You can quickly find yourself drained, defenseless, & staring down the sights point blank at a Neutrona wand. Good for the Ghostbuster, but not for you.  

9. Each room has its own Haunting Meter separate from the core one.

You’ll notice that each room you enter has its own Haunting percentage. While the main Haunting Meter will always slowly go up throughout the match, the room Haunting Meter fill faster if you stay in the that location longer, haunt objects or slime Ghostbusters. If a room’s Haunting Meter hits 100% you’ll be rewarded with a large chunk of percentage added to the core Haunting Meter. So, keep on eye how close a room is to being 100% haunted, it’ll help you complete your goal faster.

8. You can Crit scare Civilians!

When possessing an object, you’ll notice a hand wave symbol to the right. If you approach a Civilian and press “Y” on Xbox (Or Triangle on PlayStation) You’ll get their attention and see a question mark appear above their heads. Popping out at this time and doing either a basic or special attack will increase their scare meter more! We’re talking double whammy, instant terrified Civilian! Terrified Civilians flee and add 5% to the core Haunting Meter! Pretty Spooktacular!

7. Wall Portals are helpful. Find them!

There are walls that you can pass through as the Ghost! You’ll see them in the ceiling & floors as well. You’ll see them as blue cracks that open into a portal as you approach. Sprinting through these portals allows to you phase into the next room. These spawn in different locations in each map, every game. Make a note of where they are and if Ghostbusters are hot on your tail, head toward one and sprint through! It will allow you time to reset and lose the Ghostbusters.

6. Getting tethered can interrupt your abilities.

It’s good to know that if you get tethered right before a wind-up for an ability, like your ultimate, it can be interrupted. So be careful! Some Ghost’s ultimate and special abilities have a start up animation before they are thrown out, and if a Ghostbuster tethers you in this time, not only is it canceled, but it’ll trigger your cool down. So have good timing & know how long the ability takes to use.  

5. Sliming/Downing Ghostbusters increases a rooms Haunt Meter.

Don’t think that sliming a Ghostbuster is a waste of time, it’s not! If you attack the Busters and manage to slim them enough, they’ll be in a downed state. In doing so this adds percentage to your rooms Haunt Meter! Prefect for Ghost players that hate hiding and want to slime, up close and personal!

4. Your ultimate ability will auto-reset when you respawn.

Using your ultimate ability does a ton of slime damage to the Ghostbusters, but it usually has an extremely long cool down, however, if you get captured and respawn from a Rift, your ultimate ability when be ready instantly! Try to use it if you’re about to be put into a Ghost Trap! You might be able to take a few players down before you’re sucked in, don’t worry about wasting your ultimate, it’ll be ready to go when you respawn.

3. You can close, grab, & destroy a Ghostbuster’s Ghost Trap!

If you’re not under proton stream pressure, you can approach an open Ghost Trap from the side and close it, but that’s all! You can also grab a closed Ghost Trap and hide it somewhere a Ghostbuster can’t reach, forcing them to go back to the entrance to pick up a new one, thus, wasting their time. If stealing the Ghost Trap isn’t your style, you can also destroy it with enough attacks as well, however they are durable, so make sure you have the energy to spare.  Make them earn that 11.5 a year.

2. Don’t get discouraged if the Ghostbusters find your 3 Rifts quickly.

If can be frustrating to start a match only for the Ghostbusters to quicky locate and destroy your 3 Rifts. Don’t give up if this happens, remember that you can still win a game with 0 rifts. If you play smart & clever, you can still pull off an easy victory! Remember Rifts aren’t moving or attacking targets, you are! You be surprised how many Ghostbusters aren’t prepared for a clever spirit!

1. Ghost is hard to play & master! Remember to have fun!

At the end of the day Ghost is a lot harder to play and master then a Ghostbuster. You are at a disadvantage right off the bat. Remember what you’ve read here to help you, but more importantly, remember to have fun. Sliming, scaring, and dashing around the map as a Ghost is enjoyable, and the more practice you have with the Ghost the better you’ll get, and intern everyone (even the Ghostbusters) will have a great match. If you’re still on the fence about picking up this game, check out our video review below!

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