The people of Night City

The people of Night City

Been playing some Cyberpunk 2077 after avoiding it for almost two years. Here are some screenshots of the people of Night City.


After diving into Cyberpunk 2077 for about 11 hours when it released, I uninstalled it and put it on the shelf. As was documented quite well, the game was a total disaster at launch. Almost two years later, I keep hearing rumblings that it's finally in a good spot, so I decided to fire it up for a run. It's an absolute crime the game was released in such a buggy state, because it's absolutely breathtaking to be in Night City and so far I'm really digging both the gameplay and storytelling. Just a shame it didn't come out in Q4 2022. Here are some screenshots from my run, mostly showcasing the people of Night City going about their business.

Mama Welles
Mama Welles

If you played this quest, you'll know exactly what this is from.

Paid in full.

Paid this guy the $21,000 I owed him, and glad I did. He sells some killer stuff.

This dude is living his best life.

Next time you're in Night City, spend some time people watching. There are some unique characters to bump into.

Rough life.

This person doesn't appear to be in the best shape, but at least they have a cool hat.

Hand it over.

I like this guy's pants, glasses, and headphones. I'd definitely rob him if that was an option. Wait, is that an option?





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