The Stevetendo show sports update

The Stevetendo show sports update

You fine folks know who I root for in sports!


I felt like I could take this post in one of two directions. I could have either mentioned that I got back into collecting Pokemon cards after being out of it for years. OR I could go over my sport fandoms and let you all know how good or bad my life choices are in terms of sports. If you see my personal YouTube channel, you'll probably see more Pokemon card stuff but that's for another day(Chichuki is the channel name, BTW)

First off If you have popped into the Stevetendo show, there's a good chance we have checked the score of the New York Mets game. I have been a Met fan since I was a kid. This week will be a good test for the Mets as they welcome the rival, New York Yankees into Citi Field for a few games. That being said, this Mets team feels different from years past as they have a never say die mentality to them. I mentioned in an ealier post that they will make the playoffs and it keeps looking like I'll be right but I'm not gonna jinx anything, lol.

Next up is my love for Hockey. Another instance of watching the Stevetendo show showing off my sport love. You have probably seen the NJ Devils stuff in my room/clothes from time to time. That being said, the draft was in July and the Devs got their hands on some good players. It was also free agency and they missed out on Johnny Gaudreau but got a good player from the Lightning who wants to be in Jersey, Ondřej Palát. Only time will tell if these players pan out, and the goaltending works.

Finally we come to Football and my NY Jets. Now, some of you will say that the Jets stink but here's another instance of me being a fan forever. The Jets don't get the love in most posts around here for Madden but the rebuild is almost over for them. Their time in the sun will be here soon so stay tuned.

Stevetendo show update....

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga ended but Golden Sun and LOZ: The Minish Cap are still going strong. If you have any suggestions for games to play on the show, mentioned them.






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