What to watch: Baymax

What to watch: Baymax

Something fun on Disney+ that isn't Star Wars or the MCU!


Sometimes, you need a relief from the big shows on Disney+. Yeah, if you're subbing, you're either there for Star Wars, Marvel, or for the archives. But the original shows on D+ are pretty decent. I was happy to find Baymax earlier this month and it was a series of shorts that ended too soon.

The Baymax shorts are wholesome fun, embracing one of the best elements of Big Hero 6. The Big Hero 6 world is at its best when Baymax is trying to exist in the real world. He's a giant huggable robot who doesn't know how humans work. You see a lot of that dynamic at work throughout these shorts, whether it's Baymax helping a food truck owner or helping a kid at school through her first period.

That does lead to one of the more fun questions that the shorts present, which is... who lets Baymax out of the house? Why do they just let him roam around town alone, unsupervised? It's something fun to think about, especially as he has his various interactions with the San Fransokyo townsfolk.

Sadly, Baymax is over before it even really starts. They manage to tie the shorts all together at the end, but that doesn't erase that they're less than 10 minutes a piece. Sure, that means it doesn't wear out its welcome, but I would have loved to take a Monsters Inc.-sized approach to this and make it a full half-hour show.

Baymax is out now on Disney+.

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