Who doesn't like the Munsters?

Who doesn't like the Munsters?

I could have taken this in so many directions but then the Munsters!


There were a few directions I could have taken this post. I could have talked about how Nintendo is never going to release enough Nintendo 64 Switch controllers for the masses and only bring them back onsale for a few minutes each time. I could have talked about NHL free agency but the first night of FA wasn't jumpin enough, at least at time of writing. I could have talked about the Mets but I didn't want to jinx anything.

However, I did see something that I don't know how many people will see otherwise. I am a big Munsters fan and remember watching them on Nick at Nite during Blockparty summer. Blockparty summer was a summer TV block where each night over the course of the summer, there would be a new marathon on Nick at Nite. One night would be the Munsters then the next night could be Happy Days and so on. Rob Zombie is making a new Munsters movie and there was not a lot known about this until today. There was a new trailer released for the film and I actually like what I see. For movies like this you need to go in with low expectations. Then you aren't disaapointed when the film isn't up to your standards. That being said, check out the trailer below and see for yourself.


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