Doughp: Legit Cookie Dough - The Best Edible Cookie Dough Review

Doughp: Legit Cookie Dough - The Best Edible Cookie Dough Review

The most overpriced cookie dough you'll ever pay for!



So, after an aggressive ad (thanks google) I decide to try this cookie dough from a company called “Doughp”. It was featured on Shark Tank as a brand of cookie dough. We ordered it and was not really impressed.


Apparently, this was a retail store/Cookie dough bar near San Francisco. It went under, and the company is now 100% ecommerce. Located in Nevada (likely due to tax reasons). We got our order about 4 days after I purchased it, I paid about 40$ with shipping with 2 discounts, 15% off and 5$ off. Without the discount it would have been even more stupid expensive. A tube of the stuff at Safeway is about 7-8 USD.


The ingredients are really nothing special this isn’t a Organic or “natural” food, but to be fair it doesn’t claim to be, however it’s priced like it is. The big thing is that all the Cookie Dough we purchased was the same exactly base, just with different sprinkles, or food coloring mixed in. They do have other types of dough, sugar cookie, brownie, and peanut butter, which might be a different dough base, so we were a tad let down by the fact that each small 8oz container tasted the same.


Save your money and just make your own. For the cost of sugar, flour, eggs, and butter, you will make more and better dough than this. sorry.


Review for

Good Marketing Campaign


Dough is dry

Most flavors are the same exact base just with differet sprikles and food coloring

 Taste like normal cookie dough

Still lots of chemicals in the dough, is not "all natural"

extremely expensive for basic cookie dough

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