Rate my Diamond City home in Fallout 4

Rate my Diamond City home in Fallout 4

I love operating out of Diamond City when I play Fallout 4. Rate my Home Plate base of operations.


Of all the open worlds that I love to explore, few come close to Fallout 4. What makes it better is operating out of Home Plate in Diamond City. I love to set it up as a proper home by looting and crafting, and all of my excursions start there. I don't fast travel, so it's wonderful to come home and decompress after a trip. I think it's nifty, but what do you think? Rate my house in Fallout 4.

Above is my bar, complete with a bottle of whisky, noodle cups, salt and pepper, drinking glasses, and even a collection of different alcohol in the background. Everything was either looted or crafted.

In the image above you'll see my kitchen area, complete with a cooking station, storage for my food, and some decorations in the form of a cutting board and some plates.

Above is my pool table and a sitting area. The pool table is crafted, but every single pool ball - and there's a complete set in this image - was looted from the world. Even the cues and rack were looted. Unfortunately, it's for looking only.

Nothing beats sleeping in a nice bed after a long day of shooting Super Mutants. I have a fan to keep me cool, a revolver in case someone comes knocking in the middle of the night, and my dog tags. The dress is full of clothes that I've looted from the world, which are either given to Settlers or worn by me when I need to bump my stats for a particular category.

Well, what do you think of my Home Plate?

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