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Kainen's Weekly Music Download : Week of Nov 17

Kainen's Weekly Music Download : Week of Nov 17

Weekly Music Download to the Shack (2nd week - Nov 17th edition)!


Kainen's Weekly Music Download : Week of Nov 17 

Hi all, I'm back for week 2!  If I make it to week 4 (20 songs) I will begin a Spotify playlist for everyone since that seemed of interest to some folks. 

I have some new hot jamz to get you ready for thanksgiving, its jacket weather, leaves are falling, so let's get groovin

  1. Temples - Paraphanelia - UK pysch throwback rock badn gents with wonderful hair (look em up) go very different sound in 2020 complete with funky ass bass lines and string accompaniment keeps things incredibly fresh.  I love this song, one of the top five of 2020 in my book.
  2. Billy Joel - Pressure - Amazon's The Boys got me into this awesome ass song. Hughie is the best, so is Billy Joel.
  3. Sports - Tell you Something - This song reminds me of how I've felt approaching relationships I wasn't ready for. I can identify with the earnest self-reflective lyrics.  I'm a chorus junkie (you'll start to understand that) and this chorus delivers beautifully.  Also, feast your ears on the bridge toward the end. 'I just couldn't back it up...' so powerful!
  4. Theophilius London (w. Ariel Pink) - Revenge -  Funky ass cover of an old underground new wave song from the 80s from New Musik called 'They all run from the carving knife' which is just as good if not better.  But this version dials up the soul of the original a lot.  I'd prefer it if Theo went in a sonic direction where he sings, the rest of his album is rap stuff that isn't as good (imo)
  5. NZCA Lines - Pure Luxury - NCZA Lines is a dude from Metronomy who is an awesome band. His side stuff is solid too and this song is the best song he's ever written. This sounds like an acid washed Prince song...again, listen that fucking chorussssssssssss. Also dat synth bass line.




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