I Had A Tesla EV Charger Installed At My House

I Had A Tesla EV Charger Installed At My House

Going Green!



So with inflation & gas prices skyrocketing, my wife and I decided to finally pull the trigger on a EV. With opted for a Model 3 as Tesla’s are still very expensive. We do not have the car yet, but we wanted to be able to charge it at home and doing research I discovered, that plugging in a standard outlet with the adapter would end up charging 2-3 miles per-hour. That was not go to work.

First had to find a electrician, which was hard. The Tesla website was not helpful at all. To be fair it is not Tesla’s fault, I live in a very rural area. Eventually after some detective work, I found one to install it.



With a permit & inspection it came to around 2,000$, expensive, but not terrible, when you see my wife paying 65/week for gas. The process took 3-4 hours and was pretty pain free. Now, unfortunately our Model 3 is not ready until May31-July 4th this year, but everything looks good. I’m happy our house was able to install the EV charger cannot wait to try and charge it when we get the car in!


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