Kids Eat Free Live in San Francisco Tiki Desk Concert Series

Kids Eat Free Live in San Francisco Tiki Desk Concert Series

I rocked some faces in SF last Friday and I have the video to prove it.


As some of you know I spend a lot of my personal time working on various musical projects. One of those projects is a little group I call Kids Eat Free. It's basically my solo act and I bring in a rotating cast of friends and family to play some tunes I wrote along with a few random covers and have a some fun while we do it. I've labeled our music as "Vacation-Dad-Core" and we all wear stuff like socks with sandals, cargo shorts, and Hawaiian shirts when we play out, but it's mostly surf punk sounding tunes with a little folk flavoring.

I've been starting to do some shows here and there over the last couple of months and last Friday I had an opportunity to play one last show with my good friend Dr.Striker before they move down to Los Angeles. It was all part of an ongoing series of shows that are called the Tiki Desk Concert Series that are hosted out of an apartment in San Francisco's Bernal Heights disctrict. The whole thing went fantastically and we got several new fans out of it. So I thought I'd share the set with all y'all since the host, JW, was kind enough to film the whole things.

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It's not the greatest video or audio quality, but the energy is there. Enjoy! 

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