Shackpets Lola's Birthday update 1.0.4 patch notes adds new navigation and Pet Regret setting

Shackpets Lola's Birthday update 1.0.4 patch notes adds new navigation and Pet Regret setting

Some new features are being added to Shackpets in the Lola's Birthday Update. Check out the version 1.0.4 patch notes here!


Shackpets has been out in the universe for almost five months, and we are doing our very best to provide updates to improve the overall health of the platform. Shackpets version 1.0.4 celebrates Shacknews CEO Lola's birthday by introducing some really awesome changes. Please take a look at this video breakdown of the new features below.


Shackpets Lola's Birthday update 1.0.4 patch notes 

  • New Navigation Buttons 
    • Buttons for quick navigation to the Vote, Challenge, Results, Latest Pets, and My Pets screens have been added to the bottom of the app
    • Easier one button press navigation for core features of the app

  • Pet Regret Setting
    • Ever accidentally swipe against your own pet on the Vote Screen? Enable Pet Regret to receive a warning before betraying your furry pal

  • Redesigned Results Screen with new Filters and Sorting
    • The new Results Screen has been redesigned to be more easy to view
    • Filters added to look for match results featuring specific animals
      • Filter by Pet Type and By Time


    • Sorting added to display results for Latest, Oldest, Wins, Most Votes, and Least Activity

  • New notifications to notify app users of Battle wins
    • Shackpets will now let you know how many Battles your pet has won every day

We are continuing to work on more updates for Shackpets, including improved app-wide filters and some more features we believe will change our user experience for the better. 

Thank you to all of our early adopters for using Shackpets!

Happy Birthday, Lola!
Happy Birthday, Lola!

The Shackpets version 1.0.4 Lola's Birthday update is available now for free on iOS. We hope to have the update on Android by early next week.

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