epsilon wars - humanity’s last hope is now its final battlefield

epsilon wars - humanity’s last hope is now its final battlefield

For the average resident in the Western world, the end came slow. News of unrest in countries far away, unchecked migration, refugee crises that left Europe and Asia struggling to adapt, and rising global temperatures were all part of the daily news enjoyed over a cup of coffee. Then the coffee was gone, medicines disappeared, and supermarkets simply stopped stocking shelves.  It all culminated in the.. epsilon wars.


That’s just a taste of the back story written by long time shacker ejectorpod in the narrative that kicks off epsilon wars.  epsilon wars is a turn based artillery game set in space where players must use the Newtonian gravity of suns, planets, and blackholes to guide their torpedoes at enemy ships, space stations, and freighters. You can challenge yourself in 20 single player levels (including ng+), procedurally generated single player levels, and multiplayer (2-4 players, local or online using Steam Remote Play Together).  All of this gameplay is backed by an amazing original score created by Cygnus, aka mr.sleepy.

Find epsilon wars on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1380900/epsilon_wars/

Set your torpedo angle, power, and fire to see how gravity affects your shot. Subsequent turns can be used to adjust power and angle to destroy opponents. But power is limited and every shot draws down reserves. Players choose from one of six factions in multiplayer, and each has unique technologies that can alter that trajectory of the game.

To help gauge the angle and power of each torpedo you can use sensors to visualize the gravity of each level. There's even an optional gravity assist system to help you learn how Newtonian gravity affects potential shots.

epsilon wars offers nearly unlimited replayability because of its procedural level generation system that produces completely random levels based on your parameters.  Want a single sun system to practice?  Done.  Want 5 planets, and the possibility of black holes appearing?  You can do that too.

Just want a list of the features?  We’ve got you covered:

  • 20 designed single player levels, ng+, and procedurally generated single player levels
  • 2-4 player multiplayer using procedurally generated levels (local or Remote Play Together)
  • 6 factions to choose from in multiplayer, each with unique technologies that offer varying advantages.
  • 7 different celestial body types, each with different characteristics: red giant star, yellow dwarf star, gas giant planet, goldilocks planet, ocean planet, desert planet and black hole
  • Gravity assist system for new players
  • Built in tooltips for new players
  • Original soundtrack by Cygnus


  • Full screen mode (on/off)
  • Gravity assist (on/off)
  • Fully configurable procedural level generation: number of celestial bodies, black holes (on/off), single centered sun (on/off), and duplicate planet types (on/off)
  • Single player story (on/off)
  • Multiplayer turn clock (off, 12, 30, 45, or 60 seconds)
  • Volume levels for music and sound effects
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