Zadorov's hit on Kase was a head shot

Zadorov's hit on Kase was a head shot

We can argue about height, principle point of contact, or or the responsibility of the player being hit, but that's a head shot.


Last night, the Leafs put together a lackluster performance in Calgary. They started strong, but about the time that Nakita Zadorov crushed Ondrej Kase with an open-ice hit, the Leafs turned into a different team. That's a story for another day, because what we're here to discuss is the fact Zadorov's hit on Kase was a head shot. Simple as that.

Now, there are other factors at play here under the current culture and rules of the NHL.

  • Did Kase put himself in a vulnerable position?
  • Is Zadorov being 6'6", and more likely to connect with a player's head, a factor?
  • Was the head the principle point of contact?

The answer to all of these questions is "Yes." Kase did see Zadorov at the last second and in an attempt to avoid the hit may have made it worse. Zadorov is very tall, and that's not his fault. He's allowed to hit. Yes, the head was the principle point of contact.

I'm not out here advocating that Zadorov needs a massive suspension. He may not need one at all. I don't see any intent to injure there, just a very fast hockey play that went very bad due to circumstance. However, I'm becoming increasingly uncomfortable with players being concussed, no matter who is at fault or how much hitting is a part of the game. You know what hits like that lead to? They lead to skilled players missing time. They lead to concussions. Concussions can lead to early retirement or, worse, CTE. Would I rather continue to see hitting in the game, as it's always been, or do I want to see it removed in the interest of the player's brains and more skill in the playoffs?

I'd rather see the NHL go more towards what the NFL has done, and put the onus on the defensive player (hitter) to avoid head contact. If there's an accident, it's still a penalty. As the one initiating contact, you are responsible not to hit your opponent in the head. Simple as that. Does this mean less hitting? Yes, it absolutely does, but it also means less concussions, less skilled players missing time, and probably an improved on-ice product. The days of a fight every game are gone. The days of hooking and holding are gone. The days of any contact to the head being acceptable should also be gone.

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    February 11, 2022 12:41 PM

    I'm over head shots in the NHL. Intentional. Accidental. All of it.

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      February 11, 2022 2:27 PM

      The NHL rules CURRENTLY put the onus on the defending player. What you're seeing here is a failure of reffing and supplemental discipline, not the rules themselves.

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      February 11, 2022 6:48 PM

      I like hockey but the DOPS idiocy has me fed up and caring less all the time despite the most fun Avalanche team in almost 20 years.

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      February 11, 2022 7:06 PM

      I stopped watching the NHL because of their concussion ignorance and assorted BS. If the sport doesn't care about its players in the face of overwhelming evidence, then I am not going to care about the sport.

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      February 11, 2022 8:40 PM

      I love hockey. I love legal hits without injury. The NHL refuses to stop illegal hits.

      What happened to Bo Byram has to be stopped.

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