Coming up on the program

Coming up on the program

A nice little heads up for the Stevetendo show!


We're almost to the 200 episode of the Stevetendo show and what a ride it has been. That being said, here's a little update for the program as well as some other stuff I've been thinking about. I'll listen to suggestions for the show but I make no promises that we'll get to them.

Super Mario 3D World will be finished soon but not sure if we will jump into Bowser's Fury right after.

Final Fantasy 2 has quite a bit to go so expect that for sometime.

Planning a "Beat 'em ups" month soon so come up with some beat 'em ups to play during that time.

Metroid will be the next Shacker's Choice night, coming up soon.

Being a Jets fan, I'm rooting for the Bengals to pull the upset and win the Super Bowl. Seeing a team struggle almost as much as mine over the years give me jope that the Jets can turn it around.

If the Baseball stoppage ever ends, the Mets! That is all!

Tonight is a Nintendo Direct so stay tuned!

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