It's RPM Challenge Time!

It's RPM Challenge Time!

The annual musical challenge is here once again and I'm gonna give it my best.


The RPM Challenge happens every Febuary and invites musicians and composers to take on the ambitious task of writing an album in 28 days (29 in a leap year). It's been going on for quite some time. In fact, the first time ever participated in the RPM Challenge was well over a decade ago at this point. It's how Cartoon Violence came to be a thing and how I made the core set of my Kids Eat Free songs. I've made what I consider some of my best work under these conditions. I'm not sure if it's the pressure of having a deadline or that spring is a rejuvenating time of year and a good time to start new projects. Either way, this year's project should be interesting. 

I'm teaming with my buddy Sketch Sanders to produce 10 tracks of hip-hop and I'm bringing in some friends to drop a few beats here and there and do some guest spots. It's gonna be a little touch and go as I can't really start working on anything in earnest until this Sunday, and next week is going to be a lot of work projects. So, we'll have to see how it goes. Either way, this is the first time I've pushed myself to make music since the pandemic began and I'll be happy just to have some new tunes under my belt.

Anyone else planning on participating this year?  

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