I dressed up like a Wizard to marry my friends

I dressed up like a Wizard to marry my friends

No, I didn't get married to them, I just performed the ceremony. 


A couple of months back I had a very cool opportunity to perform the wedding ceremony for two very dear friends of mine. However, instead of going the tradtional route with things, they wanted to do something fun. Thus began my quest to put together a top-notch wizard's outfit to perform the ceremony in.

I ended up getting a custom cloak made off of Etsy along with a cool custom staff and some very Marvel's Loki-looking horns. The couple provided me with an old-looking copy of the Lord of the Rings to hide the script in as well. Beyond that it was just all about buying some black slacks and shoes along with a nice dress shirt. And, POOF! I was now a wedding wizard! 

I spent some time with the couple leading up to the ceremony to make sure the vows refelected their journey to find each other. It ended up mostly being about how it took billions of years to form the Earth and that they may have destroyed the dinosaurs in order for their love to bloom. I also added in a bunch of stuff about how their marriage would fulfill the prohecy. It was definitely not a traditional wedding, but man, what a blast! It was a real honor to be included in my friends' special day and if you know anyone that needs a wedding wizard, I may know a guy. 

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