REMINDER: Final Fantasy XIV will be going down tonight at 4am EST for 24 hours to prepare for 6.0 an

REMINDER: Final Fantasy XIV will be going down tonight at 4am EST for 24 hours to prepare for 6.0 an

Final Fantasy XIV begins final expansion of the current cycle this week. You have until 4 AM EST to finish up anything you'd like to do before Endwalker begins, here are a couple of things you might want to do before the Day Of The Bunny Bois begins on December 3rd, 2021. 


As the final chapter begins major changes are occuring across Eorzea. Numbers will be crunched, belts will be removed, outfits will be gender unlocked, levels will be.... leveled. Sweeping quality of life changes are being made across the entire Star but, before it all goes down, here are a few things you should do as the Moon begins to rise.


  • Remove all your belts and desynth them (Or store them) as belts will be defunct after tonight!
  • Review your jobs at make sure every job is at a fresh ding. Because of the database wipe and crunch all jobs will be reset to 0/xx,xxx,xxx and you will lose any progress you've made past a fresh ding.
  • Crafters, use up all your HQ items! As of 6.0 there will be no more HQ items so there's no need to keep them. Craft them, sell them, whatever it takes but get rid of them before they change into NQ!
  • Find a nice instanced location to log out of: An inn, your house (if you're lucky enough to own property in these trying times), your company apartment... Logging out in an instanced area will make it that much easier to log back in during the horrors of patch day.
  • If you have any 3rd party apps or addons, turn them off tonight. They may or may not work tomorrow. If it's Dalmund related it should automatically turn off, but certain visual effects that change the INI or base game files may end up causing issues. Rollback those changes and, while you're at it, back up your UI folder! You know you haven't in forever!

Probably Should Do:

  • Go ahead and make sure you have HDD/SSD space for the Endwalker patch and that you're not going to hit your data cap!
  • Make sure you have at least one job to level 80 and have finished the 5.55 quest line.
  • Cap off your tomestones and be ready to trade them in: Minions and mounts are coming to the Grand Companies.
  • Make sure you have room in your saddlebags, your main bag, and your retainers for all the new things you'll be gathering throughout the Endwalker expansion!
  • Glamour any items that you might want to keep to clear that armor space!
  • Make sure you have at least one set of Full Scaevan gear to start the level 81 content with.
  • If you're planning on becoming a Bunny Boi go ahead and find a place to get naked, drink the fantasia potion, and then log out. It will make it easier to make the change when you log back in!
  • If you have any of the Binding Coils of Bahamut or Omega raid left to complete, get it done now! Though it doesn't look like it will be required, the lead story writer has suggested experiencing those two raids in particular before the expansion begins.

Fun Stuff

  • It's going to be a party all over Eozea tonight, so log in and hang out with your buds!
  • Make sure you get plenty of screen shots of your last bit of glamour before the new expansions!
  • Don't forget to go find group photos! There will be plenty of folks strutting their stuff to jump in a picture with!

Above all, have fun and stay hydrated. We got a lot of moon to cover this week and, after all

Tomorrow is never promised.


You can check out the preliminary patch notes at

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