Ten best songs to help you and your tinder date stink up a cheap hotel room

Ten best songs to help you and your tinder date stink up a cheap hotel room

Getting someone in the mood is easy if you're handsome like John Larroquette. For the rest of us, the right playlist can make all the difference.

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Do you need help setting the mood to seal the deal? No worries - just take one or any of these certified jams and you'll have so much mood floating around, you'll need lots of baking soda to get it out of your clothes later.

10. 112 - Anywhere

Can't go wrong with this classic. The bass line sounds like a modulated honeybee fart and works 100% of the time.

9.  Tyreese - Sweet Lady

Another banger here from 2 Fast 2 Furious himself. This video is cool because Tyreese tries on lots of hats while shirtless and hangs out on a bus full of people too hot to be on a bus.

8. R Kelly - Bump n' Grind

My mind (and about 20-odd years of R Kelly history) is telling me not to list this song, but MY BODY...MY BODY'S TELLIN' ME YEEAAAAHHHHH!

7. Brian McKnight - Back at One

Oh yeah, you can never go wrong with the 90's master of soul Brian McKnight. This song has it all, sexiness, sensuality, and McKnight counting up from one to ten.

6. 504 Boyz - I Can Tell

This lowkey banger lets your partner know that you know that they know that you know they wanna bump uglies.

5. Jodeci - Freek n' You

Can't have lists like this without including the king of 90s slow jams. I'm pretty sure this song could get jello hard.

4. K.P. and Envyi - Swing My Way

Sometimes you need the pumpin' to pick up the pace. This 90s club jam will do the job while you work on slappin' that ham.

3. Boyz II Men - I'll Make Love To You

When you absolutely have to make sure you leave nothing to chance, you put on Boyz II Men. This classic will get things so wet you'll wish you brought an extra tarp.

2. Keith Sweat - Nobody

If just having a good time tonight is not enough and you can't sleep soundly 'till someone gets pregnant, you're gonna want to call in old Keith.

1. Clarence Carter - Strokin'

When I make love, I don't just make love - I be strokin'!

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