ACNH island is five stars, so now what?

ACNH island is five stars, so now what?

I find myself struggling for reasons to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons after getting my island to five stars.


I definitely did a slow play with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I've put in about 500 hours since launch, with breaks lasting a few months. It took a long time for me to figure out what I wanted to do with my island, and it came together in sections. There's the park, the nature trail, beachfront houses, Canadian flag made of flowers, and Canada Gardens. My island is called Canada, if that wasn't already obvious. The beaches are full of chairs and camp fires and surfboards and more. It's finally done, and Isabelle gave me my five-star rating late last night.

Over the last week or so since 2.0 and Happy Home Paradise, I've really turned it on to get that max rating. Now that I have it, though, I'm not sure what I should do in the immediate future. I've been putting hours into ACNH every day over the last week, and it's just not necessary now. I've caught all the fish, and there are no bugs for me to snag in November. My island is done. I suppose I could decorate my home, but even that is awfully close to done, and I'd need some specific pieces of furniture to make the changes I want. I could tweak my island, but even that will depend on acquiring new DIY recipes or furniture.

What do you do with your island after hitting that five-star milestone? Is this even a problem? Should I just start playing casually, enjoying my half-retirement in ACNH now that I've reached the top of the mountain?

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