A Stevetendo update

Here's a little update.


I'm sure the loyal Stevetendo show viewers have noticed that I have taken some time off from the show. That being said, I needed ankle surgery and am in the middle of recovery. Things have been going well and I have been resting. I have been catching up on some things like finally playing Metroid Dread and with the new update, will probably be getting back into Animal Crossing. With Hockey season starting, I have been getting more time to watch my Devils start the season.

I felt I wanted to give an update on how things were going for me during my recovery. I'm hoping that ny stitches come out this coming week so I can start that phase of recovery. Should be back to the livestreaming in the middle of November but I'll keep everyone posted.When I come back, I'm looking forward to finishing Earthbound and Pokemon Emerald so we'll have even more time to play classic games. Leave me any suggestions for games and I'll see what I can do.

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    October 23, 2021 2:32 PM

    Steve.T wrote a thing!

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    • rms legacy 10 years mercury super mega
      October 23, 2021 3:15 PM

      Glad you're on the mend!! Looking forward to the new-old games and shows :)

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      October 23, 2021 3:38 PM

      Good luck with your recovery! :)

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      October 24, 2021 1:06 AM

      So you're... not playing games while sick at home? The words I typed still don't make sense.

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