Some thoughts on the Nintendo Direct

Some thoughts on the Nintendo Direct

I'm giving ya some thoughts on the most recent Nintendo direct.


Nintendo brought to the fans a new Nintendo Direct this week. A New Kirby game is coming next year. It was also revealed the long awaited Bayonetta 3. One of the bigger announcements was the addition of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games to the Switch online service. I really wanted Game Boy and Game Boy Color games added but N64/Genesis games are nice to see. That being said, Nintendo is bringing an N64 controller as well as Genesis controller. It appears that internationally, the Genesis controller is the 6 button variety but the States are getting the 3 button kind.

It's good to see the Switch online service getting new things but one thing that might not go over so well is the changed monetary price of the N64/Genesis games add on. The Switch online is still one of the cheaper online options but we should find out soon just how much of an increase this online add on actually is.

It looks like some of the games I want to see are already there with the likes of Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 but there are more that should be added. Mario Parties, Diddy Kong Racing, Blast Corps, Smash Bros, but there are so many that you can't name theme all. I'll throw a few more into the mix as the N64 Castlevania games, and it already looks like Banjo Kazooie is getting on. It will be fun to see what games get added and when.

And last bit of advice like always, watch the Stevetendo show!

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