Game Boy Switch Online Ideas

Game Boy Switch Online Ideas

Rumors are going around the internet.


There have been rumors going around the interwebs recently that Nintendo is finally planning to add Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to their Switch Online service. The Swithc already has NES and SNES games added to the service occassionally with mixed results from the fans. That being said, the Switch online needs a jolt and adding Game Boy/GBC games could be the shot in the arm that the service needs.

If you haven't been popping into the Stevetendo show livestreams,shame on you. Secondly, we have been talking about what games would be a good fit for the onlice service if they actually add them. Here is a short list of games I would like to see when Nintendo finally gives us more for the online service.

Mario Land 1 and 2- can't have Game boy games without Mario Land

Wario Land- basically a Mario Land sequel

Metroid: Return of Samus- Have to have Metroid

Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold Silver, Crystal- It took forever to get these on the eShop so hopefully it won't be so long on Switch online

Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons- If they aren't going to remake these, then this is the next best way. I doubt Link's Awakening will get there as the Switch remake is a thing.

Donkey Kong '94- One of the best GB games and a retelling of the classic Donkey Kong.

Castlevania- I know the GB version isn't that great but new players should have a chance to play it.

Mega Man-would love the chance to play the GB Mega Man games, especially Mega Man 5.

Kirby's Dream Land/Dream Land 2- You aren't getting a library of games without Kirby.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters- This would a be a great chance to get new eyes on this game.

You'll also get the weird games that you forgot that were on the Game Boy like Snow Bros(one of my fav NES games of all time) Mole Mania, Power Rangers,and other games like this getting added and people will be "what are these?" when they get there.

An interesting idea that could have the GB Printer be a program and you could send you Switch screen captures to your computer and print them.

It will have the classic GB games like Tetris, Baseball, Alleyway

This is just a a small list of games I would like to see on the Game Boy Switch Onlne. I didn't go too much into Game Boy Color games; maybe I'll save that for another post. If you think I missed a game or a game I should check out(I'm sure I missed some) put in the comments as well as watch the Stevetendo show!



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