Meet the Mets!

Meet the Mets!

What the hell is going on in Mets-land?


For those of you Shackers who have popped in during the Stevetendo show episodes, I make it pretty clear that I am a New Jersey Devils fan, a New York Jets fam, and a fan of the New York Mets. Since Mets games are usually going on during the show, we have checked the scores quite often and I mention if they won or lost that night.

That being said, the last month or so as well as the weekend wasn't great for the team. They were in first place but have pretty much fallen into "a wing and prayer for playoffs" mode. Let me just say that this team deserves to be booed as they haven't played up to any expectations the fan base/ownership has had for them. The players have taken it upon themselves to aparently boo right back as shown this weekend when the team produced on the field. They were giving a thumbs down to the fans, since that's their way of booing right back.

As a fan my whole life of teams that have mostly underperformed, when they derserve to be booed, they're going to be booed. The best players of all time have been booed in certain instances. Even the best Mets, Jets, and Devils have been booed from time to time. When I'm at the games and the team plays terrible, I'm going to boo them.

This is the life of a sports fan and you don't expect the team to go against their loyal fans but it feels like this is what some of the Mets are doing. I'll give a quick "life of a Mets fan" recap: Opening day starts out with a win and everything is so great. First half of the season goes pretty well up until a week before the all-star break usually in July. If the seaon isn't terrible by then, the team goes on a West Coast trip near my birthday in August and then goes off the rails. If the team is having a really good year, then this roadtrip won't break them and they're playing meaningful baseball in Sept. Usually it's every 15 years between World Series appearances for the Mets and they haven't won a title since 1986.

Keep watching the Stevetendo show and one of these years, all my teams will be good at the sametime.

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