Meet the kids - Dog appreciation post

Meet the kids - Dog appreciation post

Since Asif has Lola, I figured I'd introduce the kids to everyone. Meet Reia and Dusty.

Joshua Hawkins

This year has been an absolute nightmare, and to be honest, most of the time my mental state has been below the bar that it should. Thankfully, these little bundles of joy have helped make things better, so I figured I'd introduce them to everyone.


Meet Reia

We chill bois.

And Dusty.

Reia is a full-blooded Pembroke Welsh Corgi (with papers), and Dusty is a mix of Heeler, Corgi, and supposedly like 1/4th Beagle. We got him pretty cheap off Craigslist, and he was just too cute to pass up.

Dusty is super laidback and chill for the most part. He also loves eating (takes after me). Reia is probably one of the most expressive dogs I've ever met. She'll literally sit here grunting and groaning at you as if holding a conversation. It's cute, and also annoying when you're trying to get work done.

We also have a cat, but she is always angry and doesn't like her photo being taken.

Anyway, that's the kids. They are great at helping taking the "home too much" blues away. I'd love to know more about your pets too! :D

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