Stuff to think about.

Stuff to think about.

A few thought-provokers while Steve is on vaca.


If I'm not gonna get you fine folks to think about stuff, who will?

With the olympics in full swing it gets you thinking about how long until eSports is an olympic event. It's already at the college ranks and some colleges are giving eSports scholarships. I would have killed to go to school for video games but I went for Criminal Justice/History instead. That being said if the olympic commitee wasn't going to add eSports to the event roster in Japan, the mecca of video games, then when would they? It would be an interesting idea as eSports are basically the wave of the future so it really is only a matter of time.

Mario Golf: Super Rush got an update, by added Toadette, New Donk City, and new ranked play/challenge play. Mario Tennis had similar updates where you could play online and get new costumes and colors for characters. That being said, when is my guy, Chain Chomp getting in. He got into Tennis and if he can hit tennis balls, then he can hit a golf ball. Don't worry about the fact he has no hands.

Just some stuff to think about while Stevetendo takes a week off.

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