Steve's Advice for the Summer

When you have no idea what to write about.


It's the peak of the summer season so why not allow your favorite Steve to give you some advice/tips for the summer.

1. Stay cool, stay hydrated.

2. Have some fun poolside or at BBQ several times.

3. August 10th is the best day of the summer and yes, that's my birthday.

4. Go down to the Jersey Shore!

5. Partake in fine foods, like Chicken Fingers and little hot dogs.

6. Keep watching the Stevetendo show, every chance you get.


Now for some thoughts I've had on my mind.

NHL free agency started this week and the Devils made some good moves. That being said, there were some interesting moves as well. If you don't feel right, say something. There are plenty of people there to listen.

RIP Dusty Hill of ZZ Top. Make sure you give someone all your lovin while you can, get off your Tush and be a Sharp Dressed Man!

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