How to be a good Maple Leafs fan in 2021

How to be a good Maple Leafs fan in 2021

The Leafs are done for 2021 after a collapse against Montreal and emotions are high. He's how to navigate being a fan right now.


After losing Game 1 in their series against Montreal, I knew the Leafs were fine, and they were. They won the next three games to go up 3-1 in the series. They were finally going to the second round, until they weren't. When the Leafs lost Game 5 I was slightly concenred. Going back to Montreal wasn't ideal. When they lost Game 6 I was a mess. I knew, like I know the sun is going to come up tomorrow, that the Leafs were done. It's the way it's been for decades, and there was zero chance in my Mind that they would win Game 7. When they proved me right, the fanbase went into a full meltdown. Some Leafs "fans" aren't being very good fans (or people), so here are some tips to help you get back on track, whether you'e just hurt like most of us are, or whether you've gone full asshole.

1. Take a break

You shouldn't write an email when you're mad. That's an old saying, so maybe don't text when you're mad. You don't think clearly when you're angry, obviously, so stop paying attention to the Leafs right now. You're not having intelligent conversations and neither is the media. The media is only worried about views and clicks, so they are going to lean heavily on your anger and disappointment. Take a break.

2. Don't burn your jersey

To the guy who burned his Doug Gilmour jersey... you're an idiot. First, Gilmour doesn't play for the Leafs; he's retired. Secondly, he was a great Leaf that delivered in the playoffs, and you're mad at some young Leafs for not delivering in the playoffs. You don't like the bad cup of coffee someone served you so you punch the person who used to serve you the best coffee of your life? Now you're just a jerk who is going to get over it and feel like a moron when you have to buy a new Leafs jersey in the future.

3. Have patience

I get it. You've been waiting a long time. The Leafs haven't won a playoff series since before the debut season of How I Met Your Mother, a show that was on the air for nine years and has been off the air for seven years. So, it's been a minute, and you're rightfully tired of losing. You're tired of hope and getting so close only to watch it fall apart in spectacular fashion, but let me ask you this? When has the organization had better players? Never. Auston Matthews is the best player to ever put on the jersey. Mitch Marner is right ther with him. But, they are young and they have to worry about your angry ass blowing them up on an Instagram if they turn the puck over. And yes, they are paid a lot of money. They will get there. This core will get there. They will deliver for you. But you need more patience. Ovechkin didn't make it out of the second round for a decade, the year he won the Cup.

There you have it, some common sense ways to be a better Leafs fan, which you shouldn't need to hear. Take a break. Go watch the Jays. Go sit in your yard and drink beer, just don't think about the Leafs for a couple of months.

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