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Mario sports

Mario sports

Give me some new Mario Sports!


The new Mario Golf game coming to Switch in June has me thinking about all the Mario sports games I want to see in the future.

Let's start with one I have been waiting and waiting for, Mario Hockey. They gave us a slight taste of it with Mario Sports Mix but I need my Hockey fix and Mario could fix that for me. It could play like Mario Soccer and have crazy power-ups and levels. You could have Toads in the stands and Mushroom Kingdom goal horns as well as different suits like the hammer brothers suit make you a big guy who could body check better.

If we're on the Mario sports front, I need new Mario Baseball and Soccer games to play. My brother and I love those games and if Tennis and Golf are getting new installments, then those two need it as well. If they wanted to throw us for a loop, they could give us a pure Mario Football game. We already have Chargin Chucks so why not? It could also give them the chance to bring back Mario Basketball and not have it be the not-so-good Mario Hoops game we got years ago.

Here's some bonus stuff, getting to know Steve:

I double majored in college. I worked security at Metlife stadium and an amusement park for a summer. I love Nintendo but also love the House of the Dead series and Mortal Kombat. Big Mets/Devils/Jets fan for sports if you haven't figured that out by watching one of the Stevetendo show livestreams.

I think I have an idea for the 100th episode of the Stevetendo show so stay tuned.


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