Back from the dead?

Back from the dead?

Some franchises deserve a second chance, right?


E3 is about a month away and it always gets people to think of their predictions and hopes for the upcoming game year. That being said, there has to be some game franchises that deserve to be resurrected from the dead.

I know a ceratin someone at Shack would say F- Zero should have a new installment by now and I do agree that it's time for a new game. I would also say that Snow Brothers and Metroid deserve some love too. Snow Brothers is one of my favorite NES games and would love to see it get remastered. It wouldn't be E3 season without talking about Metroid getting a Prime 4 but at the same time, it would be interesting to see if Zelda gets anymore remade games like Link's Awakening received a few years ago. I would suggest the Oracle games get that spruced up feel to it.

Now give me a new Mario Baseball, Soccer, and Rare Replay on Switch please!

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