How to Unlock Brainiac and Darkseid in Injustice 2

One is fairly simple, the other, not so much.


Injustice 2 has a large roster of heroes and villains, but everyone wants to play their favorite. Two in particular, Brainiac and Darkseid, aren't available in the regular group and require you to do a bit of work to get them. Darkseid depends on if you pre-ordered, while Brainiac is a bit more involved. Here are the details:

For Darkseid

Darkseid was a pre-order bonus, wither digitally or through a retail store. So right now, that is the only way you can get access to him. You may need to enter a code if you pre-ordered and don't see him in the roster list immediately. If you don't have access, however, and didn't get a code, contact the retailer you pre-purchased the game from.

For those that didn't pre-order, you may need to wait until developer NetherRealm releases the character as DLC, which has happened with its previous games. Right now, that is your only option.

For Brainiac

Brainiac is tied to Injustice 2's Story Mode. You will need to complete all 12 chapters of Story Mode to unlock him, which shiouldn;t be too hard if you are familiar with fighting games. Here are the chapters and who you play as:

  • Chapter 1: Batman
  • Chapter 2: Harley Quinn
  • Chapter 3: Black Canary or Green Arrow
  • Chapter 4: Flash
  • Chapter 5: Green Lantern
  • Chapter 6: Firestorm or Blue Beetle
  • Chapter 7: Catwoman or Cyborg
  • Chapter 8: Wonder Woman
  • Chapter 9: Supergirl
  • Chapter 10: Black Adam or Aquaman
  • Chapter 11: Superman or Batman
  • Chapter 12: Superman

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