Phantom Dust Available Free Starting Today on Xbox One and Windows 10

Phantom Dust has fans may have gotten whiplash over the last few years but their reward is a nice freebie.


Phantom Dust is being rereleased today as a freebie for Xbox One and Windows 10 owners. This version has been formatted for 16:9 aspect ratio and will output in 1080P or 4K, and has received some slight improvements to framerate. It also includes a more modernized Xbox Live 

A hybrid of collectible card and strategy genres, Phantom Dust was originally released in 2005. Microsoft teased a new Phantom Dust at E3 in 2014, but less than a year later the company shut down Darkside Games, the studio behind the reboot. That left the property in limbo, not technically canceled but not in active development, until last year when Microsoft announced this remastered version. Giving it away for free is a nice perk, especially for fans who may have experienced some whiplash at the changing plans over the last few years.

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