Luckey Felt 'Restrained' at Facebook Because He Couldn't Cosplay

Sung to the tune of 'I gotta be me.'


We haven't seen too much of Palmer Luckey since he left Facebook, although some would argue that we might be seeing too much now. But Luckey opened up a bit about his time at the social media company after it acquired his Oculus VR startup for $3 billion in early 2014. 

"At the moment I am an unemployed engineer, when I worked at Facebook I was just a business person," he told Japanese site MoguraVR in an interview (translated by Road to VR). "The Oculus offices were on the Facebook campus. It certainly was a great working environment. But I had to restrain myself working there. I could not cosplay while working at Facebook."

When his cosplaying came to light earlier this month through numerous photos and tweets from Japan, Luckey said this was nothing new. "Been secretly cosplaying for years, nothing new. Even got in a 'Best of' reel on a major gaming site without getting ID'd. Can't touch this," he tweeted.

Luckey said he is enjoying life again. "I am glad I’m not currently employed," he said. "The good thing about independence is that you can stay yourself both at home and when outside."

And Luckey will continue to thumb his nose at anyone who disparages his hobby: "When I work I am extremely self controlled. It also is the same when I dedicate my free time towards my work. But when I am not working it is a entirely different story. I don’t care about how people look at me and about how they think about me. What I care about in my free time is how I can enjoy myself. I do this so when I return to work I will have regained all my energy."

And now, Palmer's new theme song:

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