Acer and HP VR Headset Dev Kit Pre-Orders Kick off Today

The Windows 10 compatible units are available for $300.


The world of VR headsets just got a bit larger, with Microsoft announcing today that pre-orders for its Windows 10-compatible units through partners Acer and HP are available for pre-order now at a relatively modest price of around $300. The bad news - or good news depending on your perspective - is that these are only dev kits and not meant for consumers yet.

The hardware, which will ship this summer, is unlikely to change too much before the non-dev units start being sold this holiday season, but right now, if you want to buy and try them, they will only be usable with Windows 10 in development mode. As a consumer, your selection of titles is going to be practically nil, unless you are looking to start developing your own VR projects.

The price difference between the HP ($299) and Acer ($329) units versus the current Oculus Rift ($599) and HTC Vive ($799) likely is found in the different types of screens. The Microsoft units use LCD screens, while the others use OLED. Some reports have the LCD units offering some motion blur with quick head turns, while the OLED units tend to have a smoother transition for the viewer. If any of Microsoft's future VR headset partners choose to go the OLED route, you can probably expect a higher initial price point.

Earlier today, Microsoft revealed the motion controllers that would be paired with the Acer headset later this year, announcing a bundle of the two for about $400. A similar bundle could be coming for the HP headset as well, but nothing official has been revealed.  

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