Quake Champions eSports Tourney Coming to QuakeCon

Start practicing by getting in on the multiplayer tech test coming May 12-21.


Quake Champions isn't even released yet, but id Software and Bethesda are holding an eSports tournament for the game at this year's QuakeCon. "But how can I practice if I didn't play the betas and the game isn't out yet," you might ask. Conveniently, there will be a "large scale tech test" for the game starting on Friday and running through May 21. Plus, you know, it's Quake.

The tournament will run both Duel mode and the newly announced 4v4 team-based mode, Sacrifice. Qualifiers will begin in June, so you will need to start playing as soon as possible to get familiar with strategies, the champions and the weapons. Click those links, because the associated guides will also help.

As for the Tech Test, players will be able to sign up and play immediately once it kicks off. Everyone will get in after they sign up. The game will stay running 24/7 unit it concludes on May 21, instead of the previously used weekend structure. Sacrifice mode will also be available for the first time, so if you weren't in the betas, don't worry. You'll start on even footing with everyone else.

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