How to Get the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack Pre-order Bonus in Prey

It's fairly straight forward, but some initial glitches are keeping folks from finding it.


If you pre-ordered Prey, you were supposed to get a really good compilation of early goodies called the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack. Unfortunately some early technical issues have kept some players from finding it. This guide will give you the basics on where to look, then just hope Arkane has fixed the issues or you are one of the lucky ones not to be affected.

First off, the laundry list of what's included in the pack. Just some incentive to grab it early if you pre-ordered:

  • Morgan Wu's family heirloom Margrave Shotgun, great for dispatching pesky Typhons early in the game
  • Fabrication plans for shotgun shells
  • 2 Medikits
  • A Recycler Shielding chipset
  • 3 Neuromods to jam in your eye and upgrade yourself quickly early on.
  • Starter fabrication materials to start crafting essential items for survival.

Now that you know what you're getting, let's send you off in the right direction. First, before entering the game, take the code you got from your pre-order and go to the redemption page on your console digital storefront or Steam, then download it with the game. You won't get it instantly - you have to find it - and there may be some issues of it not being there if you played the demo, Those issues aside, once you download it and start a new game, follow this path.

Make your way to the Talos I Lobby, which is the central hub for accessing most of the station. Make you way up to the Executive offices via the back stairs and head to Morgan Yu's office. in the back right corner of the Lobby level. Once there, locate the safe and enter code 0451, Inside the safe, you should find all the items. If not, either because you already downloaded and started playing before entering the pre-order code, you may need to uninstall the game and reinstall it. Bethesda has said it is working on a fix.

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